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Fake Breasts,
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Fake Breasts, Real Women is a place for sharing, learning, community, and advocacy on the part of women who have been affected by the complications of breast implants.


Learn about the signs and symptoms of breast implant illness. Discover facts about the materials, research, and companies involved with the breast implant industry. Read about ways to help with your symptoms through diet and lifestyle changes. Keep up with news about breast implants.



If you or someone you know have been experiencing the signs or symptoms of breast implant illness, you have been diagnosed with a disease since your implants, or you feel that you have a story to tell about your breast implant experience please contact us! We want to hear your story and possibly share it in the documentary we are working on!


Join our social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find and connect with other women who share your experience. Know that you are not alone and that together we can make a difference!


About Tracy

Telling Your Story, Making a Change

When I was 19 I chose to have surgery to augment my breasts. I had 650cc Natrelle saline implants placed under the muscle. After a year of pain, discomfort, and unnaturally shaped breasts my implants finally settled in. By this time my ones 34A chest was now sitting at an enormous 34DD and I was attracting attention everywhere I looked. I didn't like the attention, I didn't like the staring so I taught myself to look down, avoid eye contact, and developed social anxiety which drove me to stay indoors as much as possible. Another year went by and I started getting nauseous every day, no matter what I ate or drank. This was the start of a long battle with doctors and ever changing, mysterious symptoms. I was always cold, my hands and feet would go numb, I'd have a head ache, my knees, neck, elbows and hips hurt, I developed carpal tunnel, I suffered from low body temperature, vertigo, dizziness, brain fog, fatigue, ringing in my ears, the list goes on and on. No matter how many doctors I went to, no one could find anything wrong even after four years and I really started to think that it was in my mind! Then one day in early 2017 I was trying to look up information about my symptoms and I kept coming up with the same, unexpected answer... it was my BREAST IMPLANTS. As I continued reading I found more and more stories just like mine and I knew I had to do something about it. That is why I decided to start this endeavor to inform and connect women who are going through this experience, share knowledge, and make their voices heard! Please share your story or make a donation to help fuel my documentary!

Tell Your Story!

Please reach out to us if you want your story to become part of a powerful movement, to affect change in society and make your voice heard. We will stand together and refuse to be silenced! The trend to use women as test subjects for capital gain needs to be brought to light!

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